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The Designer
After 6 years working in retail and banking I broke the shackles and got involved with what I was meant to do, graphic design. I studied at AUT I jumped head first into the world of design. After honing my skills with a great little company I ventured on a 6 year OE in the UK working for two companies and freelancing before heading home to start a family. On arriving back in NZ I worked for 2 years at Publiceye Advertising and Design before deciding to venture into freelance work. Over the last 3 years I have been kept busy with most of my work coming from Sugar and Partners and as Westpac's in-house designer.

I love working on print and front end web design and taking jobs from concept to completion; getting involved in all aspects of design and project management. My skills are varied and I tackle anything that comes my way. Looking back over the past 14+ years I am glad I have taken this path and I always feel proud when someone asks what I do. Check out my site and I am sure you will see I love graphic design.

The Person
I am experiencing the joys of being a parent with my two kids Troy and his younger sister Mia. They definitely keep me on my toes and everyday is different. I still enjoy my own space and I try to get out on the golf course whenever I can, or play any sport for that matter, whenever I get a free pass. I also enjoy filling my house with all sorts of artistic creations. You can view these at Ministry of Me.

Work on this site
The work in the portfolio sections was created while I was either a full time employee or working as a freelance designer. I am happy to supply the contact details of the credited companies upon request.


Random facts
• I spent two hours in an enclosure with 3 cheetahs and still have all my limbs
• I cook a mean curry
• I have a cat called Iko who everyone loves but when people leave he bites me
• In 2009 after seeing what would happen if I played more golf, I got down to a 1 handicap
• I spent so long in the UK they gave me a passport
• I have a sweet tooth

  Ministry of Me



Thanks for looking around my site. I look forward to hearing from you to see how I can assist.


With the power of a top secret GPS tracking device I can tell you where Scott is currently located. Sponsored by Nasa. (not really)
Ministry of Me

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