I create cool stuff and have fun doing it

I find it pretty cool being a graphic designer. While others in the office are tapping away working on word docs and excel spreadsheets I am bringing something to life, making people go ooooh and ahhhh.

It took me a little while to find graphic design and that makes me appreciate it even more. I have now amassed over 17 years experience both in New Zealand and in the UK. I have worked for Westpac, Sugar & Partners (freelance), Publiceye, Hearst Digital (UK), Visual Dialogue (UK) and Visual Newmedia.

In this time I have worked on many jobs across print, brand and web. This experience, combined with my creativity, precision and positive attitude (ok, and modesty), makes me an asset to any company. So I’m told, anyway.

I enjoy looking over my work history and take real pride in my work and what I have achieved for clients – both past and present. Yes, times change and things date, but I move with the times and look forward to designing the next great thing. Hopefully that next great thing is something for you!

Grab a chair and coffee and make yourself at home while you have a look around. If you need me I will be just over there, dreaming up something a little bit special.

Designing since 99
Multi disciplined
Core software
An eye for detail
Fast Oh Yes
Location Auckland

Some of the brands I’ve designed for

Mmm INTERESTING. Check out my work.

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Arghh graffiti style artwork

My son moved rooms and I wanted to create a piece of art to brighten it up. After creating the design I cut this out of MDF and painted it. Having never attempted any street style art before it was a fun project and best of all Troy loves it.

After hours - Arghh graffiti

Space invader artwork

I played space invaders on the Atari 2600 when I was younger and I have always been fond of retro arcade games. I had a big space in my hallway that I wanted to fill so I created these and had them made in sign writer vinyl. I was pretty surprised I got the OK from my wife to go ahead with this project.

After hours - Spacies wall

Dripping gold artwork

I got to work with my jigsaw on a sheet of MDF and then rounded off the edges to enhance the dripping effect. After that I passed it on to a car painter to paint it in metallic gold and finish it off with the highest gloss available.

After hours - Dripping gold

Arcade machine graphics

As a Christmas gift to myself and my family I purchased this arcade machine in black so I could create my own graphics that I applied myself.

After hours - Arcade graphics

50’s microphone artwork

I absolutely love older electronic equipment as it feels solid and has some great lines and shapes. I purchased this old Shure mic through Ebay in the US and wanted to display it. I drilled a hole in the ceiling to secure the lead and mic then spray painted the frame to help frame it on the wall.

After hours - Retro mic

Urbis/HP colour and motion design entry

Urbis magazine and Hewlett-Packard ran a competition to design a piece for their back page. The brief was very open, it was to design something to the theme of colour and motion. Though I did not win it, I was happy with what I came up with.

After hours - Colour factory

Daughter’s room makeover

I entered a Little Treasures competition to get the chance of being featured in their magazine and also receive some money to help with the makeover. I was one of the winners and created a colourful fun space she loves to spend time in. The main feature was a large leaping geometric cat cut out of MDF and hand painted.

After hours - Daughters room

My take on retro ducks

I had seen some of Shane Hansen’s artwork and liked the strong shapes on plywood. This inspired me to take this idea and run with it. The ducks are on 14mm plywood that I cut out and sealed before painting.

After hours - Ducks

Kitchen blackboard

Every now and then I change the design on my kitchen blackboard wall. This is my current design, just a bit of fun. Cat burger anyone?

After hours - Blackboard art

Superman painting

I saw this design in a magazine on canvas and thought it would look good in my house. I have never been a big Superman or comic fan but something about it made me smile. I changed it a bit from the original and painted it on a plywood base.

After hours - Superman

70’s Bang & Olufsen turntable clock

I had wanted to make a clock for about a year or so but was not sure what to do. I noticed on a blog someone had made a clock out of a turntable. After an extensive search looking for the right turntable, I came up with this. I gutted the back of it, reinforced it and added the mechanism.

After hours - Turntable clock

Bird Painting

I wanted to brighten up a wall in the dining area so I went bold with this bird painting. I had seen this as a small image online and loved it so recreated it as a large 1.5m x 1m painting.

After hours - Bird

Greenstone pendant

For my Godson’s 1st birthday I designed this greenstone and had it produced. I wanted to incorporate water and his initials (DF) into the design. I wanted his parents to display it until he is old enough to wear it so I mounted it in a rimu frame with a flax background that I cut, dried and wove myself.

After hours - Greenstone

Troy and his cast

This is my little man Troy. After he broke his leg I just had to make the best out of a bad situation and brighten his cast the best I could. His cast is now off and his leg is all better.

After hours - Cast

I would have difficulty in finding another employee like Scott who ticks all the boxes. It is rare to find a person with Scott’s ability, approach and honesty.

Doug Benson, Director, Visual Dialogue

Scott is very creative and comes up with genuinely unique, interesting, and effective designs. Not only that, he turns things around rapidly and always keeps me posted on progress.

Susan Rockliffe, Communications Manager, Westpac

I have worked with Scott on a number of projects over a couple of years and found his creative skills, application and general attitude to be excellent.

Tim MacPherson, Director, Blue2

I have completed many projects with Scott and all of them have been made easier by his focus, attention to detail, design creativity, his intuition and his overall levels of organisation.

Alicen Stenner, Brand Director, Hearst